Hello everyone my name is Shianne Claire Durdin

I was born on the 8th August 2009. Some say that is a lucky day. I know it is a lucky day for me because I have the best parents ever. 
For those of you who are working that out, that makes me 3 years old at the moment, so my Mum (Colleen) is writing this for me.

Growing up has been a challenge for me as I have an inherited form of blindness called ‘ Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis’. Things were very cruisy when I was a baby, I didn’t have too much to do but now things are very challenging. I was a late starter at walking because I was frightened of falling over and bumping into things but now my balance is much better. I have learnt to know my surroundings by echo’s and familiar sounds, I know my mum still watches me, I can feel her eyes on me. It must be hard for my mum worrying that I will hurt myself but in time she will let go.

I have done so much in my short three years and my family have been there alongside me supporting me every step of the way. As I am getting older the expectations are increasing as well. I have been given a stick which I am supposed to learn how to navigate with, every week I have Guide Dog trainers who visit and make me do all sorts of activities. I have coped just fine so far so I don’t understand why I need a stick.

The Scoop on Caterpillar Safety Boots

The Scoop on Caterpillar Safety Boots

Caterpillar safety boots are must-haves for professionals who are employed in construction jobs. Since construction work frequently entails long hours, a lot of standing up and the occasional risk of large objects quickly dropping to the ground, protective measure are absolutely vital. Caterpillar safety boots make convenient and effective protective footwear choices for people who are involved in construction, mining and other industries along those lines. 

Caterpillar safety boots are made for men and women alike. They’re produced in natural, basic yet attractive colours such as black, deep brown, grey, green, gold and blue. The aim of these safety boots is to function as comfortable and secure footwear for people who work in outdoor or industrial environments. Some of the popular unisex features that are part of many Caterpillar safety boots are composite safety toes, steel toes and slip resistance. Caterpillar safety boots manufactured for individuals of both genders are also frequently waterproof. Waterproof boots can protect people from the nuisance of persistently wet feet in rainy weather. Since people who work in construction often don’t have the time to change their footwear when they’re on the job, reliable and strong boots are serious essentials for them. When people don’t invest in dependable pairs of work boots, they often suffer the consequences of discomfort and lack of productivity. A good pair of safety work boots can often make the day go a lot smoother, as well.

Safety boots from Brand House Direct Caterpillar Boots often have high-tech features that can contribute to peace of mind. They frequently offer electrical hazard protection that accomplishes exactly what it states. People who are concerned about the dangers of electrical shock at work can feel much more confident and at ease when when they wear footwear that offers electrical hazard defense.

Many people love protective work footwear because it requires minimal effort. Although it only takes about a minute to put work boots on, they can often save people from a lot of unnecessary hassle, stress and overall discomfort.


Finding Marquee Hire in Sydney

Finding Marquee Hire in Sydney

Party hire is big business in Sydney. New South Wales’ state capital is the location for countless big parties and events 365 days out of the year. This is why it’s so easy to locate trustworthy marquee hire in Sydney. If a business needs to find reliable marquee hire in Sydney, its staff members can enjoy a wealth of highly respected choices. When it comes to marquee hire in Sydney, options are the name of the game.

Marquee hire is the sole focus for many companies in Sydney. Many marquee hire companies try to make the hire process as easy and basic as possible for customers. They often offer marquees of all sizes, for example. Some marquee hire businesses offer marquees in small, medium and large sizes. While a small marquee might be effective for hosting a laid-back holiday gathering with family and friends, it might not be enough for a wedding ceremony or other major celebration. A medium or large marquee, however, could make all of the difference.

Marquee hire Sydney with Aussie Marquees can be beneficial for many types of situations. Sydney residents often turn to marquee hire for business functions, wedding receptions, sporting events and outdoor concerts. If someone is hosting an upcoming large expo for a company, she might want to look into marquee hire. 

If a party planner is searching for distinguished marquee hire in Sydney, she can begin her quest by looking carefully at gallery sections on websites for marquee hire businesses in her area. These photographs display the general styles of marquees. In many cases, they can even help convey marquee sizes. Despite that, it still helps greatly for individuals to pay attention to dimensions provided on websites. Observing dimensions can be helpful for minimizing time wasting. If a party planner rents a marquee only to discover that it’s simply too small to comfortably hold all of her guests, she’ll likely be extremely disappointed and concerned about her options running out.

Contact a Plumber Melbourne

Contact a Plumber Melbourne

In some circumstances, people can attend to minor fixes in the home; however, there are times when a plumber Melbourne absolutely needs to be contacted. Things requiring superficial fixes are usually alright to attend to; however, plumbing can be tricky. Industrial-strength solutions and equipment needs to be used for some problems. In addition, years of experience concerning plumbing is needed as some at-home remedies can actually make plumbing problems worse. 

People typically think of the plumber Melbourne with Toscano Plumbing Melbourne when there’s an issue with the toilet, pipes or leaks; however, in the event there is a loud sound coming from the water heater, a plumber Melbourne should be called immediately. 

Plumbers are most often called when the shower won’t drain properly. A common clog in the toilet may be plunged at home, but if there is something further down the pipes that is causing the clog, it can create a back-up for several sources. At times, the causes of these clogs is the result of a toddler sticking things down into the toilet. 

When water backs up, such as when the toilet overflows, it can create water damage in the walls, floors and carpeting, but it can also pose other problems. Toilet water has a lot of bacteria. When the toilet overflows, it exposes the household to germs that can make them sick. 

Leaks are another reason to call a plumber Melbourne. Whether the bathroom sink is leaking or there are wet spots in the yard, leaks can mean a major problem. For instance, wet spots in the lawn can be an indication that there is a leak in the sewer or main line. 

Contact a plumber Melbourne for your plumbing needs. You never know how extensive the issue can be.

Why Embracing IT Support Melbourne is Necessary

Why Embracing IT Support Melbourne is Necessary

One of the things that make a business relevant is a well structured IT system. The question therefore remains whether every business is able to cater for all IT needs that can make the business more successful. This is something that when done in the right manner could help a business to attain a streamlined working system. However, most people find it challenging for reasons that one can understand. Getting IT support Melbourne is something that helps a business to move forward within the right time. 

It is evident that not every investor will have an opportunity to maintain their IT system around the clock. For this reason, hiring IT support Melbourne is a great idea. These are professionals with the ability to keep watch over the IT system of the business every time. This guarantees security and responsiveness, thereby reducing delays that emanate from a poorly done system. 

One will also realize it is cheaper to maintain an IT system with the help of the IT support Melbourne with Phoenix Austec. There are few things that the investor is required to contribute. All other parts are left to the professionals for execution and control. For someone looking to implement other processes, this is the best option as it offers more time and convenience. 

Considering that technology keeps evolving, catching up with the most current trends can prove daunting to the business person. This could mean negative effects to the business. For this reason, IT support Melbourne intervenes to help the business to receive regular updates of the best systems and installations so as to keep up with the changes that keep happening in the market. All these services are offered with time factor in mind. The business arena experiences changes every single day and one should keep updated about these changes. 

Moreover, it is vital to note that IT support Melbourne professionals are well trained and equipped to handle tasks of different complexity. For this reason, they are able to deal with any challenges that occur to the IT system. It is also easy to conduct analyses that are aimed at making the system better.

Glass Display Cabinets Will Improve Any Room

Glass Display Cabinets Will Improve Any Room

Display cabinets are a great way to save space, organize and decorate. They are a great addition to any kitchen, living room and even the bedroom. You can use glass-front cabinets to display good china, antique dishes, or even containers filled with pasta. They can transform everyday dinnerware into works of art. However, most people do not realize that display cabinets have many different uses in the bedroom. They can be used to store books, shoes and even family heirlooms. Display cabinets are also a great way to recycle through displaying vintage items. Even a vintage cabinet

Keep in mind that lighting display cabinets can be simple and inexpensive. Case lights can be installed on the undersides of the shelves to provide illumination from above. Another solution is to install LED or xenon light strips on the sides to create the same effect. The cheapest approach is to use an LED rope with tape. This will provide the most flexibility, but may look a little tacky. Instead, a more elegant solution is to install micro-fluorescent light fixtures that will make the showcase glow from within.

Display cabinets at http://www.metrodisplay.com.au/showcase.asp are highly functional, create ambiance and provide storage for small spaces. Any kitchen or living room can be improved through a simple glass cabinet and lighting. Visit Metro Display

Car Finance Can Help You to Get Your Next Set of Wheels

Car Finance Can Help You to Get Your Next Set of Wheels

When it’s time to buy a car, you have many considerations. You want to find a vehicle that fits your preferences and has an affordable price tag. You need to decide if you are going to make the considerable investment of a new car, think a used car is the best decision, or you want to work with a private individual. In the end, the bottom line is going to be finding the car that you can afford. From that point, you will need to consider your car finance options.

Car Finance Makes Buying a Car Possible

Most consumers cannot afford to pay off a car at the time that they buy it. This means looking into car finance with www.123carz.com.au. As you think about the car that you want to buy, you need to figure out how you are going to pay for it. When you opt for car finance, you will want to compare lenders. You can go with a traditional bank, a company that focuses on car finance, or a lender that works on behalf of the car dealership. Compare quotes before you actually commit yourself to any type of car loan.

Study Every Aspect of Your Loan
When you deal with car finance options, you need to look at the term of your loan and your interest rate. Any amount that you can offer as a down payment will be reflected in your payment as well. If you do not have good credit, your interest rate will be higher. Higher interests rates mean longer terms for your loan. If possible, you want to pay a shorter loan term in order to pay less in the long run.

car finance 123

Choose the Car Finance Loan that Makes the Most Sense
As you compare all of your car finance alternatives, you will be able to pinpoint the loan that is affordable for your budget. Be sure to choose a fair interest rate and a loan term that will not put a strain on your finances. You want to make payments that are suitable for the value of the car. With careful research, you can get the right loan for you.

Qualities to Look For in Your Marketing Consultant Gold Coast

Qualities to Look For in Your Marketing Consultant Gold Coast

Hiring a marketing consultant Gold Coast to assist you with your upcoming marketing plans is a wonderful step for you to take. A skilled and experienced consultant can create a marketing strategy that is tailored to meet your needs, to reach your target audience and to accommodate your budget. The marketing consultant Gold Coast can also help you to execute your marketing plan, and he or she can assist you with analyzing the results and fine-tuning your strategy for improved results over time. While the services of a marketing consultant are beneficial, the best results and experiences will be enjoyed when you choose the right consultant to work with. 

Selecting the right marketing consultant Gold Coast may not be as difficult as it sounds. First, you should choose a professional or firm that provides you with the type of services that you are most interested in. For example, one consultant may specialize in Internet marketing, but others may specialize in all types of marketing. Second, look at the consultant’s experience and ability to generate results. You will need to conduct research in this area and ask your marketing consultant Gold Coast for references. In addition, your consultant should have great personality traits. The marketing consultant Gold Coast should be responsive to your inquiries and should be friendly and focused. This is a professional who you may work closely with for many months or years. 

While there are a few important factors to look for in your Juice Marketing – marketing consultant Gold Coast, it generally does not take a lot of time or effort to find a fabulous consultant to work with. For example, you may be able to eliminate quite a few options by reviewing the services offered. By focusing on these factors, you will be able to find a wonderful professional who generates results and who is a pleasure for you to work with.